Tuesday, 21 October 2014

WTL: Way Truth Life

WTL is a new group at Bethlehem for anyone and everyone in Years 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  We’re getting together once a month at the church hall for a couple of hours on a Friday evening for some fun, food and to talk about God.

We tend to spend quite a bit of our time playing games and eating too much food...
Discovering the joys of a competitive game of Hacky Sack!

Whose idea was this??!

But we do sit down at some point in the evening and chat about God and how we can live his way.  At our last get-together we had a discussion about the “Way” in “Way Truth Life”.  We’ll be talking about “Truth” and “Life” in the next couple of months.

7 November is the next time we’ll be meeting (7pm at the Bethlehem Church Hall).  If you’re in Years 6 to 10, we'd love you to come along.  If you have any questions, just email Jill at lca.wagga@gmail.com.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy 101st Birthday

Congratulations to Linda Klimpsch who celebrated her 101st birthday on Thursday 18th September. Her special birthday cake (prepared by Dorothy Fischer) is pictured below. God bless the year ahead for you Linda.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Quiz Night

Last Saturday we held a Quiz Night in support of the Lutheran School Project in Cambodia. Here is an update from LCA Mission Director Neville Otto on the latest status of the project.

I am pleased to advise that the land has been purchased thanks to the generosity if God's people in the LCA and in the Lutheran churches in Cambodia and Singapore.

We are waiting for some of the final costs but essentially we expect only a small shortfall now and so there is unlikely going to be a need for a loan.  The money raised at the quiz night is a really important contribution towards this. If we happen to raise more funds than the land cost these will be quarantined for the sole use of developing the pre-school and bible training facilities 

On 4 September there was a meeting in Adelaide involving Cambodian Church leaders with a small team representing the major partners being the LCA and the Lutheran Church in Singapore. The people at the meeting included LEA Director Steve Rudolph, Qld Early Childhood Director Lyndall Mayer as well as some people with LLL and finance experience and of course LCA MI folk.

This is the group that has commenced serious discussion about the possible next stage which is the pre-school and also Bible Training school facilities which are needed for the church.

The meeting reached a point where the local Cambodian leaders now have some discussions to take place over the coming months.  Next steps will then be clearer.

So we praise God for the securing of the land for the use of the Lutheran Church in Cambodia and we look forward patiently to what God has in store for its use.  By the way, the land in the interim is being used to give the local community a place for youth and children to play sport.  A community garden and out door movies are possible further interim community activities being considered as interim use too.

Thanks to all those who attended the event and supported with your presence and donations of prizes. Special thanks to Helen Chamberlain for organising and to Reg Miegel for the donation of an auction item of a plane flight over the local area.

Thanks to everyone's efforts the total amount raised was around $1000.00. Great work.

Below are a few photos from the plane flight prize including a few sights you will recognise.

 The intrepid pilot - thanks Reg

 Our school from the air

  Kohlhagen's farm


 Max & Helen's farm

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Church Picnic - thanks Milbrulong for hosting a great day.

Sunday 24th August has been in our thoughts for several weeks as we waited for the chance to enjoy a good old-fashioned church picnic. The day rolled around sunny and warm and perfect for the occasion which began with a full church at Milbrulong (even a few in the upstairs choir stall) as this photo shows.

After service it was down to the Milbrulong Hall and Recreation area for fellowship and games. You can see from the faces in the photos that a good time was had by all.

For the adults it was a game of trying to take as many pegs off the line with only one hand which captured all the attention. Out two winners (pictured below) managed a very creditable handful of 16 pegs to grab the title. Well done!!

 Plenty of others had a try as well with mixed success.

Thanks to the Milbrulong Team who organised a wonderful day.
I hope our smiles tell you that we all enjoyed it immensely.

And our report would not be complete without showing off the style of Des Kohlhagen who wound back the clock and attempted to pull a hamstring... nice kick Des!!

Thanks God for a spectacular day!!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Fellowship Morning Tea - 14th August

A wonderful fellowship morning tea was held at Bethlehem on Thursday 14th. All ages were present as seen in this photo of Linda Klimpsch and Stephanie Kleidon the oldest and youngest attendees.

Guest speakers Narelle and Wayne shared with the gathered crowd on their areas of expertise.

Wayne from the local archive shared stories of Wagga's history including information on the early entertainment venue "Dixieland". He also had insights into several colourful Wagga identities including Messrs Thompson and Willan. Among the stories were several which included reports of attempts to horsewhip the local newspaper editor!

Narelle shared her passion for pottery and led the group in a devotion based on the biblical picture of God the potter and how he works in our lives. The theme verse was from Isaiah and reads "But now O Lord, you are our Father - we are the clay and you are our potter. And all of us are the work of your hands."
The devotion included making a pot on her wheel and demonstrating the different techniques used in creating a piece - techniques that God (the master potter) also uses in our lives.


 An excellent morning included a sumptuous morning tea, trading table, lucky dip and plenty of enjoyable conversation.

Helen, Debbie and Margaret
enjoy the morning.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pastor test drives possible new pulpit model!

Pastor Mike sees whether the scissor lift will serve as an alternative pulpit
but discovers it to be a little rocky for fiery preaching.
Renovation Work Continues...
Working Bees were held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week to continue the renovation work happening at Bethlehem. The ceiling has been fixed with the scissor-lift proving a perfect piece of equipment for this work. After a few lessons the crew were in and out amongst the pews with great skill. 

In addition to this ceiling repair a start has been made on preparing for recarpeting with the stairs to the loft having the carpet removed and a clean up of the loft area being undertaken. Cabling to the data projector has been replaced and upgraded, cabling for the sound system run from front to back and all flouros in the ceiling lights replaced. There was a need to move a number of pews out of the way of the scissor-lift and we discovered many pieces of old chewing gum!! These have been sent for DNA testing so we can return the gum to their rightful owners (only joking).
This work will continue in coming weeks with work on the carpet, blinds etc to occur.
Well done to all the crew for your efforts, especially our site foreman Graeme Wenzke who has been getting things organised and keeping it all on track.

Monday morning crew pictured above.
Thanks to Narelle Fulwood and Pam Stoll for providing morning tea!
How do you ride this thing???